Oct 17, 2021 • 50M

Post 9-11 // Boston Indie Music of the 2000s

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We begin by discussing the cynical nihilism of the post 9-11 period… and then segway into a conversation about the Boston indie music scene in the late 2000s. How did the aftermath of 9-11 inform local music scenes? Why was it such a special time in Boston? What have social media and a consolidating media atmosphere done to local music?

(This episode was recorded on 9/11/2021.)

Songs in order of appearance:

  • Push Push (Lady Lightning) — Bang Camaro

  • God Is Going to Get Sick of Me — Aberdeen City

  • What We Need — Bon Savants

  • Cover It Up — Soft Pyramids

  • Nobody Is Listening — The Campaign For Real Time